Pjur Original 100ml

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Pjur® ORIGINAL is one of the most sold silicone-based lubricants in the world which is also suited as a massage fluid thanks to its special formula. Silicone molecules are not absorbed by the skin but remain on the surface, endowing Pjur® ORIGINAL with a long-lasting lubricating effect for sexual intercourse as well as a good, long massage. Just a dab will suffice for a pleasant and long-lasting gliding pleasure. It leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth: an absolutely reliable lubricant for good, long-lasting fun. You can decide on the right amount for a stimulating body massage as you see fit and enjoy that silky smooth skin sensation - the right choice for exciting moments. It is naturally taste neutral and odorless, particularly skin compatible and contains no preservatives. There are no limits to your fantasy and pleasure any more. Try it and see for yourself, as the saying goes! Pjur® ORIGINAL: our all-around product for all who are keen on having fun. 2 in 1 product Concentrated silicone lubricant Long-lasting lubricant A few drops suffice Use for massages Travel size Refillable bottle Does not block pores Fat free / Fragrance free / Paraben free / preservative free Neutral taste and odor Safe for everyday use Compatible with latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms Directions: Simply apply the desired amount of Pjur® lubricant to the chosen intimate area (and other parts of the body for massage purposes). Since silicone-based lubricants are not absorbed by the skin like water-based, you should always use a smaller amount of silicone-based lubricants to achieve the best results. Massage Directions: You want to really pamper your lover? Pjur® silicone glides are perfectly suited for the job, since they have an extremely prolonged effect and intensify the sense of touch. For a sensual massage, just follow these steps: Warm up some Pjur® med Premium glide in the palms of your hands before applying it to your partner. Spread it around along the entire back and down the sides with long flowing movements. Place your hands to the left and right of your partner's spine, and draw your fingertips down to the coccyx (tailbone) with only slight pressure. Massage the sides of the body with small circular kneading motions. Important: never massage the spine itself. Now the other body parts need attention. Start from top to bottom: begin, for instance, on the head and face and then work down over the arms and hands, the buttocks and legs all the way to the feet. When massaging the head and face it is important to keep the pressure light. Only gently stroke and softly knead the skin with your fingertips. Begin with both hands in the middle of the face, and stroke outwards over the ear to the forehead. Practically everything is allowed on the arms and hands -- simply ask what your partner likes best. Hold your partner's hand in your hand and rock the arm gently back and forth until it feels heavy. Then begin with the massage. When you reach the buttocks and thighs you can go at them vigorously - knead them thoroughly and deeply. Stronger pressure can also be applied for the foot massage as well. Too light a touch can be ticklish and even unpleasant. Use only small amounts of bodyglide here, or the feet will become slippery. When your partner is fully relaxed, close your hands into light fists and drum softly on the lower back and hips. Finally, stroke all the massaged parts of the body. What happens after the massage is up to you and your partner, and usually comes about naturally. A partner massage with a premium-quality bodyglide from Pjur® not only pampers the skin, but also brings back the tingle and sizzle to a relationship. Enjoy a relaxing massage! Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol
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